Sunday, November 4, 2007

Story of my SNG life

so I got $75 in my Pokerstars account due to someone signing up with pokerstars through one of our affiliate I decided to play only Single table Sit N Goes with the money to see if I could work it up and to test some SNG strategies. Since I only started with $75 I decided on the $5.50 non turbo NLHE SNGs.

I'm beginning to think it may be impossible to beat these things...even if you finish 2nd every third SNG you aren't making pay $16.50 and get $13.50...that's a $1 loss per SNG.... You'd have to play 43 at a time like Hevad "Rain" Khan and win 1 out of 3 to make this crap worth your while. Not to mention the fact that you are guaranteed to have a long stretch of getting screwed. Due to their nature you will take bad beats is a nice example.

I have AA with about $2500 early in the SNG I'm currently playing...the guy UTG goes all in...I go all in over the top...and the BB calls us both...UTG shows TT and the BB shows KhQh...

so the flop comes down all spades...none of us has a spade...turn...another spade...river the Ten of spades...brutal.

So at my high point of this experiment I had $118...after several unfortunate beats I'm down to $85. Currently, I'm 1st of 4 to go...wish me luck..this may be my last one...I've concluded that SNGs kind of suck.


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