Ultimate Dealer Button

If your home games are like mine you track round levels with a small kitchen "egg" timer or your microwave oven clock. The Ultimate Dealer Button (UDB) is the solution to the problems with these methods, not only does it keep track of time it also tracks the blinds and antes for up to 10 rounds of tournament play!

The Ultimate Dealer Button takes the place of your regular dealer button and can be customized for your tournament for up to 10 rounds. Each round can be independently set to last from 1 second to 99 hours/99 minutes and the blinds and antes can be set from 1 to 999k chips. If you can set a digital clock, you can setup the UDB, the entire process for a 10 round tournament took me approximately 5 minutes. The tourney setup is also saved if you want to run the same tournament structure again. I tested it out in two 7 person Sit-N-Goes and it worked great. The beeping when a round ends was audible over people talking at the table and all you have to do to start the next round of blinds is push the start button twice (once to turn off the alert and once to start the next round). You don't have to setup each round when the previous round ends, which was a major weakness in the older version of the button.

The UDB is also very durable, I pretended I was Hellmuth and took a bad beat; I flung the button against a wall then took it outside and punted it into the street. The only negative that happened was my neighbor's calling the police and I spent the night in jail; however, the button still worked fine and only had a couple tiny scratches in the plastic. The only thing missing from the UDB is a sticker for the back of the button that explains how to set up the tourney since there is a very slight learning curve when getting it set up. Also, when I press the red on/off button using my entire thumbprint, the button sometimes doesn't turn on; I guess the pad of my thumb doesn't press the button down far enough; this is easily rectified by pressing the button with your thumbnail.

The UDB is ideal for small home tournaments or impromptu sit-n-go's with your poker buddies. It easily fits inside my poker chip case and can be used anywhere since it runs on battery power. It isn't a great solution if you run a large multi-table tournament since the screen obviously cannot be seen by everyone in the tourney and you can only preset 10 rounds, but for the vast majority of home games the button does it's job extremely well.

The Ultimate Dealer Button retails for $29.99 and can be purchased at UltimateDealerButton.com

Review by Donald Key.

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